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Jeff Spencer

"The alchemy of small group interaction facilitated by an expert yields extraordinary results. Michael's the maestro on facilitating and assembling highest compatibility teams. Don't miss this!"

Dr. Jeff Spencer

Olympian, coach and creator of The Champion's Blueprint

Dear Friend,

I have been studying the marketing and psychology that drives business growth for several decades.

In 1994 I founded a 2-day gathering called The Consumer Health Summit. It's an invitation only founder community of impact-driven leaders who serve the consumer market with health and wellness information and products.

Some of the typical faculty and members include Dr. Mark Hyman, Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, Dr. Daniel Amen, Institute of Functional Medicine founder Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Stanford University psychology researcher Dr. BJ Fogg, Naomi Whittel, and Mayfield Fund partner Tim Chang, and a long list of others.

The Consumer Health Summit has been an enduring success; however, I've always had a vision to create an even more personal experience and I'm now making it happen.

I'm bringing together 2 small groups of 5 purpose-driven founders at amazing locations.

It's called Think Tank Sessions.

Together, we will take a deep dive audit into your messaging and business vision so that you are acquiring more customers, every customer stays with you longer, and your growth accelerates at a sustainable rate.

This is not your typical business meeting. I call it a "business meeting for human beings." Imagine a space of safety, purpose, generosity, and intention while spending time with like-minded game changers to take your business to the next level.

Akira Chan

"Michael - thank you - for bringing together such an incredible little tribe of people. I feel more understood, confident and aligned in that 'little' intersection of passion, business and life. I'm looking forward to continued connection with you and highly support the work you're doing in the world."

Akira Chan

Rare Media

Michael Fishman

Here's What You Can Expect

During our time together, I'll guide you through a 3-part process. We'll start by identifying your purpose and the true essence of your business' voice, so that you are clear and expressive when conveying your message throughout all your marketing.

After that, we will take a close look at your marketing to discover how minor adjustments in your messaging could increase or even multiply key metrics. Incongruent messaging in your marketing may be repelling potential customers needlessly. We will bring you back into alignment with your story and your message across multiple platforms.

We will take breaks to enjoy the beautiful venue and delicious healthful meals. The entire space is set up for maximum comfort so that you can focus and get the insight that you cannot get anywhere else.

The final step will be acknowledging your long-term vision. We'll agree on action steps based on the work we've done together that will put you on the path to fulfilling your long game.

This is a unique process to building businesses that last.

In essence, we're going to go through this process together so that your story, product/service, and customer experience are all interconnected throughout your business plan and marketing.

Think Tank Sessions are All About





Real Momentum

Real Momentum

Christina Rasmussen

"Everyone here should make the time to do this. It will change your view of your business and it will allow your soul to have a say. Plus the location rocks. And on top of that you make lifelong friends. It is very intimate. Lots of truths will spill out."

Christina Rasmussen

Author, Second Firsts

The Exceptional Experience

Rick Lugash

" I think a lot about the 'little hinges that swing big doors' in my business and in my life. This deep dive swung a big door for me. If you haven't gone through this experience with Michael Fishman I highly encourage you to consider one of the best investments you can make for yourself, your company and the community you serve."

Rick Lugash

CEO/Founder, Optimal Wellness Labs

Who The Think Tank Session Is For

Founders, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, health professionals, and speakers who want to build an online business or accelerate the growth of an existing one.

Upcoming Dates & Locations

Scottsdale, Arizona
October 24 & November 15, 2019

The Investment

The investment to attend Think Tank Sessions is $8,000.

This is a 1-day Experience, to be followed with a private, hour-long phone consult with just you and Michael.

Admissions are limited to 5 participants per Session. Michael limits attendance at Think Tank Sessions in this way so that you receive significant attention from him as well as the wisdom of the group.

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I look forward to seeing you there!

About Michael... For over 20 years, Michael has been a leading advisor on marketing, positioning, and business growth to consumer health information and product businesses.

Highlights include 18 years supporting Rodale Inc. in growing the Prevention and Men's Health publishing brands, taking their book business from ground level to $300MM per year, and project work and/or collaborations with such admired personalities as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, and a long list of others.

Currently, in addition to an active consulting practice, Michael advises and has angel investments in Bulletproof, Thrive Market, Breathometer, Genexa Health, Suggestic, and several others.

Michael leads the annual Consumer Health Summit, the private invitational gathering for founders and personalities, which he created in 1994.

In his varied talks, he shares how messaging and linguistics, consumer psychology, customer care, and work culture combine to take companies and personal brands from merely good to the beloved best at what they do.